the only Volunteer front pioneers

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Road Repairs

We are fixing roads for ambulances, fighting troops, logistics and volunteers going!

Field road stabilization

Close to the front lines muddy field roads dominate the paths of transport, we stabilize the soil to keep the army moving.

Light Armouring

We are soon starting to partially armour cars of volunteers and military.


It all started in April 2022 when André West moved permanently to Ukraine to help. After one month we already had 3 cars and a staff of 6 volunteers, SAR Kharkiv/Donbas was born. Our work started in the villages around Lysychansk. We evacuated hundreds of civilians from the front lines. On the one year anniversary we changed the name to CSAR Ukraine and started to supply the military besides the civilian work. But we soon realized that the continuation of this work made little sense duo to hundreds of other organizations doing the exact same work as well as the authorities increasing their work volume. We changed our task completely, we are now fixing roads, stabilizing field roads and soon armouring cars. We are the only volunteer team executing pioneer work.

Predecessor Organization SAR Kharkiv/Donbas in Novoluhanske


Trailer to move Asphalt and Aggregate
Trailer 100%
Welding Machine for Armouring & Repairs
Welding machine 100%
12t Truck for Asphalt and Aggregate
12t Truck 5%


Every Euro helps.. We are a small team working without salaries. This way we can maximize our impact with little money.